Citizens express several concerns at council meeting

Several concerned citizens lined the chairs during the July 23 Keota city council meeting. Although not placed on the agenda, the residents chose to speak during citizens comments to express concerns that they had.

            Chris Greiner approached the council with a concern of the police department driving on his alfalfa cash crop during the previous weekend while they were attending to an underage drinking party.

            “I have a young gentleman who depends on the income from that cash crop. That alfalfa is not going to come back. The cops drove over it destroying it. There were four officers that assisted and they should have stayed off my ground and parked on the road,” Greiner stated.

            Officer Conrad responded by stating that after he received a call about an underage drinking party, he called for assistance from the Sigourney Police, The DNR and Keokuk County Sheriff Department. He stated that there were over 100 people there.

            “It is your fault anyone drove on the hay and the responsibility lies on your shoulders because you are the one who called it in,” Greiner continued as he questioned Conrad why anyone would have been on his ground, knowing Conrad came from a farming background. “My first instinct was to get an attorney and sue the City of Keota, the county, and the City of Sigourney for damaging my ground, but I love this town. I grew up here.”

            Conrad stated that the officers pulled into the drive like the other cars that were there and that it was not until the individuals began jumping into vehicles and leaving that anyone pursued them off of the normal roads and drive.

For the complete story, please see this week's issue of the Keota Eagle.