Choices Drop-In Center ready for residents

Sigourney, Iowa- Perhaps one of the most controversial and hot button issues this year in Iowa politics has been mental health, and a perceived lack of resources for those with mental health diagnosis. While there are some resources out there to those that may be hurting, it has been argued numerous times on debate stages that it is not enough. One regional provider is looking to change that.

            Choices, a drop-in center for those with a mental health diagnosis, opened its doors to the public on May 22. According to Lindsay Paxton, of First Resources, the drop-in center is for anyone with a mental health diagnosis to come in for support.

            “They come here for support, for a place to be themselves, they can hang out with other people going through similar things,” Paxton said. “It’s peer operated so that means they run the center. That means that the peers here develop the schedule, they develop the group, they develop what’s for lunch. We provide lunch,” she added

            Paxton said that in order to use the drop-in center, a person must have a mental health diagnosis- such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder- and must live in Keokuk County.

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