Better Ask Dan Rocks the KT

The band Better Ask Dan, from Left to right, Jesse Northup, Adam Hook, Trevor Harrison, Steve Schott, and Dan Chipman.

So, how was Saturday night at the KT? I don't know, Better Ask Dan!

            The band, Better Ask Dan, from Williamsburg made their debut at Keswick Tavern to a more than enthusiastic crowd. It was their first live performance since the benefit in Parnell for Team Lana, last summer. Since then, they have devoted much of their free time to practice and learning a longer set list. The variety on their set list brought lots of comments form the cwowd, as they swung from songs like “Wonderwall,” to “Time after Time,” and the crowd favorite, “16 Tons.”

            Dan Chipman, (yes from the band name), owns the old church where they all practice and most of the equipment. He also happens to walk the bass like you're taking a stroll down Buelle Street.

Steve Schott has been performing live music so long that he won’t tell you. A part of many music projects over the decades, Steve sang some of his originals and some of the covers, when he wasn’t not blowing minds with his guitar playing. Truly something special.

            Speaking of special guitarists, Jesse Northup taught himself, with a few lessons from Dan, and continues to learn whatever music and instruments he gets his hands on. The double guitars in this band take turns shredding and picking to the audience’s delight.

Adam Hook, the soul of the band, has been playing the drums since he was a kid and he was amazing then! Every band knows how precious a good drummer is and Adam not only rocks on the cymbals and skins, he also sings. His voice helps blend the sound on certain songs and the harmonies add depth to the performance.

Everyone in the band sings at onetime or another, which creates a very unified effect. Up front, belting out most tunes, however was Trevor Harrison. Dressed as Bob Ross for Halloween, his long hair was hidden under a wig, for this show, but nothing could have hidden his energy.

            Dan and Steve have played in many bands together, most recently "Fathead Stewie." Adam, Jesse, and Trevor were all in a band together in high school called "Second Gear." Back then, the two bands played together sometimes and the younger fellas looked up to the Stewie guys for keeping music in their lives despite the challenges that brings. This blend of talent and ages was reflected through the set list, as they have selected music that spans both genre and decades.

            The crowd in Keswick was celebrating much more than Halloween. They were celebrating music, each other, and the joy that comes from being in a place like the KT, hearing the songs that define your lifetime.

            Music is a trade that involves an enormous amount of unnoticed effort, compared to the level of support and criticism. How often do we consider who that effort is for? They play because they must. They get better for us. To share their gifts is the whole point and this is why it is such a gift to experience music, live.


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