Ball field improvement committee to be formed

During the council meeting on September 18, Melinda Eakins, representative for Keota Unlimited,
approached the city council to approve a resolution approving the Washington County Riverboat
Foundation grant to help with ball field improvements.
Eakins reported that recently a group of community members met at the field and went over the
main focus of upkeep and repair needed. Lighting is the first concern, followed by upkeep of the
concession stand and concrete work.
Eakins asked the council about a tree that is outside of the concession stand that needs to be
removed and asked if the city would be willing to remove the tree. Eakins stated there is a crack in the
concrete throughout the concession stand that could possibly even be from the roots of the tree.
Eakins read an email she had been forwarded about a price estimate to do the lighting on the field.
The estimate proposal stated that the current system is inadequate due to current building code and wind
speed requirements. The existing fixtures could be reused, but the estimate would be approximately
$40,000, not including the cost of the installation or wiring, which would be another $5,000- $8,000 per
pole for a total cost of $60,000 to $70,000. The other option given from would be using used equipment at
a discounted rated for a total of approximately $50,000. For more on this check out this weeks Keota Eagle.