Ball Field Clean up

Volunteers helped smooth out gravel around the concession stand area. Photo submitted.

            On Sunday, April 29, the Keota Ball Association got together with local community members to clean up the ball fields from the fall and winter seasons to prepare for the first game of the season.

            Around 30 volunteers, adults and children of ball families, showed up to rake leaves, gather sticks and pick up trash. They also helped smooth out the gravel around the concession stand and moved the bleachers back into place.

            The clean up efforts centered on both ball fields, as well as the park area around the playground equipment and shelters. With all of the help, the clean up lasted about an hour total. Two full truckloads of sticks were hauled away, along with 8 trash bags full of leaves.

            It has been decided that this will become an annual event to help make the community look a little more presentable in the spring and summer months.