With “One Voice” Keota Will Honor Veterans

Keota residents will gather at the Keota Veteran's Memorial for a program that will honor the late Bill Hultman and all his contributions to the funding for the Veteran's Memorial. The program will feature "One Voice Choir."

Keota – Keota Fun Days are just around the corner. The Keota Veteran’s Memorial Committee has planned a special finale for the evening of Saturday, June 15, which will honor local veterans and the late Bill Hultman.

         Committee Chairman Dave Hobscheidt said that the idea to honor Hultman came from his former students Mike McNurlen and Gina Bennet. As students of Hultman, they learned enough about drama and the arts to pass on that knowledge to current Keota students. Success of the speech and drama kids during the past school year prove that Hultman’s legacy is alive and well in their hands.

         In addition to impacting his former students, another part of Hultman remains etched forever in the memorial. His dedication and fund-raising efforts helped make the Keota Veteran’s Memorial a possibility. Because of this, McNurlen, Bennet, and the memorial committee put together this program to honor him.


For more on this event, check out the June 5th issue of the Keota Eagle.