“It’s Not Over”

“It’s not over.” This is both the title and the message of the recently formed Narcotics Anonymous group (NA) formed in Keokuk County. NA is an addiction support group that meets every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the Community Outreach Center at 615 S. Jefferson Street in Sigourney. Although the 12-step program is based around battling addiction to narcotics, the concepts taught will help folks battling any type of addiction and is open to all.

            Myra Williams, a Pekin graduate who now lives in Keota, is a born-again Christian in recovery and after brain-storming the idea with Alicia Walker from Sigourney, started the group to help others find their own path to an addiction-free life. To begin, she contacted Narcotics Anonymous Worldwide Services for a Starter Pack. Next, she reached out to Tammy Gilliand  to inquire about space for holding the meetings. There are many legalities, foot work and service work necessary to start meetings, which took about a month. During this time, Williams also went around to Keokuk county businesses for donations and contributions and raised  $595.75. This offset the cost of books and materials for working the 12 steps.

            “Before this group there was not an outlet for support that people could go to. We offer a safe space to feel comfortable. There’s no judging. We can work off the reading, or you can just talk about what’s going on, or reach out on an individual level and say ‘hey, I need help,’ and then we can plug you in with someone who is a good fit,” Williams said.

            “Enablers are also welcome, anyone who has been affected by addiction, and it doesn’t have to be drug addiction. There’s sex addiction, food addiction, gambling, TV addiction, video game addiction,”Williams said.

Since the steps are supposed to be done with a sponsor, but to be a sponsor a person must be ‘clean’ for a year, survivors of addiction are welcome to join this new group of sponsors-to-be.


For the rest of this article, check out the July 3rd issue of the Keota Eagle.